Juan Camporeale

He was born in 1975 in Buenos Aires Argentina.

As a child he saw his father draw and paint, this was his first approach to art. Before she was 15
she had her mother mad and her house full of papers and pencils, the room rug stained with paint
of all kinds and color and her brother and friends wanting tattoos. At 16 had no better idea than
making a prison style tattoo machine, that would mark the next 25 years of career as a tattoo
He studied art and work as a graphic designer in an advertising agency.

At the age of 17 he opened his first tattoo studio in the neighbourhood of Villa del Parque, while
studying art direction and graphic design.
In 2001 he traveled to Madrid and settled there, it is said that some of his first clients ... still look
for him.

Fan of traditional American and traditional Japanese tattoo. "I like tattoos that are easily read and
that last for a long time." Thick lines and solid colors are its most recognized feature.
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