Hernán Ricotti

He entered the world of tattooing in 1994 and started a self-taught learning, looking for
information in magazines from the US and Europe, since in those years the internet was not
available and resources were scarce.
In his first works he began to tattoo himself, his friends, his father, his cousins and anyone who
gave him a piece of skin. A year later he is invited to join the team of a studio in his hometown (La
Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina), where tattoos won’t only be his hobby but also the main
profession that will mark the rest of his life.

In 1997 he opened the doors of his first studio in that same city, where he remained working until
2001, when he traveled to Europe in search of inspiration and knowledge.
In 2006 already settled in Madrid joins the Tattoo Magic team, in which he remains till the present.

His tattoos and drawings are inspired by the Classic American and Japanese styles to which he
seeks to give a stylized and personal interpretation with definite lines, shades and striking colors.
He is a tattoo artist who prefers to prepare and customize the designs for each of his clients, so
that each one of them takes a unique and original piece with which he feels identified forever.

A watercolor painting and acrylics lover, in which he finds an universe without limits, full of
possibilities, in which, as he say, he still has much to explore and learn.
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